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Support the kids, Support the Arts

Our program, Bridge the Gap’s [BTG] mission is to edutain youth, ages 5-18, about the Arts so that they can be educated and entertained while discovering their creativity and artistic talents at an early age.
Education of the Arts is being drastically reduced from school budgets and curriculums. It is more important than ever, to ensure that youth are still being educated and entertained within the Arts. This improves their academic performances and helps foster creative thinking. It also keeps at-risk youth, in communities that are underserved and under resourced, off the streets.


BTG will be the first program of its kind to integrate technology, social media, and education of the Arts. It will offer kids a free mobile app that allows them to upload, view, rate, and share videos of their artistic talents. While using their creativity, unique skills and talents, they will also have educational guides and games, in order to learn of the historical moments and legacies about their favorite sources of the Arts and its entertainers.
With your support, we will provide millions of kids a program that allows them to have fun while exploring, creating, and expressing themselves through the Arts. 


"I love helping he art programs. Programs like these, literally saved my life from average."
"I believe in the mission of this program." 

Frances Womack

Harold Edmonds 

"I believe in this cause!"
"Keep inspiring! The kids need the arts!"

Bridgette Buckner

"Great idea! Bring back the music, bring back the Arts!"

Catherine McIver

"It is a noble cause and wanted to help..."

Elisa Cruz

"It is all about the kids, our future."

Kesha Edelin

"This will be a wonderful way for our talented youth to share their God given gifts and will undoubtedly open the door for many positive possibilities for them." 

LaSonji Holman

Brenda McIver-Smith

"I like to support programs that are geared toward to teaching our children how to use their talents and that are giving them them a positive Outlook on life."

Carol Payton

"We all will benefit, the students, families, communities and schools when something positive can be done to encouage and support our youth."

Delores Brathwaite

"Because students need to develop some interest in the arts which would be able to sustain and increase their well-being in our society."

Wilma Daniels