Showcase your corporate values and directly impact kids through Education of the Arts. Partner with us to support unlimited amount of opportunities for them to apply to every aspect of their lives.

Partner with Us!

Please join us as we provide educating and entertaining programming for boys and girls ages 5-18, especially in communities that are underserved and under resourced. Your support will go a long way.


With your support, kids will be able to explore their artistic talents and skills and receive opportunities for them to apply to every aspect of their lives.

Why Join Us?

Help us create provide free programming and resources to kids and schools, so they could showcase their talents, learn about historical moments and legacies and receive resources that inspire and cultivate their creativity for the future. We would like to work alongside many like-minded organizations who believe in our solution. 



We will work with you to build a partnership plan that fits your goals, budget, timeline, and brand’s style. Your support will go a long way helping kids in our communities and Bridge the Gap will help bring significant benefit to your organization, employees, and communities.

Marketing Partnerships

We have a host of wonderful opportunities lined up for the year ahead that help raise funds and awareness for our mission. There are lots of things that you can get involved with. If you have any questions about our events, feel free to email us at or call us on (410) 216-0475. We look forward to meeting you.

Find an AAMEF event near you

Running, gaming, walking, golfing — there are many ways you can support AAMEF. Volunteer or participate in a local event and use your time to make a difference.

Help Bridge The Gap...your way

Bring your unique spin to helping Bridging The Gap.

Create your own event and raise funds to support kids and support the Arts.

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