Support the kids. Support the Arts. Support the kids that support the Arts. Because if they are lost, it is our fault. 

Bridge the Gap’s mission is to support artistic creativity and learning outside the school system.

Education of the Arts is being cut from school budgets, especially in communities that are underserved and under resourced.

With your support, boys and girls ages 5-18 would be able to explore their artistic talents and skills and receive opportunities for them to apply to every aspect of their lives.

Your generous, tax-deductible gift enables Bridge the Gap to:

        •   Create a mobile app that allows kids to upload, view, rate, share videos of their artistic talents 

        •   Offer a wide variety of games and rewards for participating 

    Provide free programming and resources to kids and schools, so they could learn about historical moments and legacies


This program relies on contributions from donors like you to provide educating and entertaining programming for children throughout the year.